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KnowEx Interact CRM Solution

KnowEx Interact Enterprise provides top-level solutions for customer service strategies. As businesses become more global and clients become more Internet savvy, immediate information access is of the essence. KnowEx Interact Enterprise helps businesses' meet their customers' needs - expertly.


Real-time Web-based chat: immediate communication between you and your customers.

Web collaboration/Browser Synchronization: allows CSRs to utilize a "shared browsing" function and form collaboration with customers.

Multimedia Content Streaming: streaming images and video to customer's desktop.

Wireless CRM: communicate with customers on handheld devices, such as Palm, WAP phones, and Blackberry's, with the ability to stream them images and forms.

Encrypted Chat: offer encrypted chat for a secure transaction environment.

Integration of customer databases: integrate with Siebel, Oracle, and more - display client record as they request service.

KnowEx Interact Supervisor: management tools to determine the current traffic and historical activity as well as monitor CSRs performance.

Multiple language translation feature: an optional built-in language translator, convert Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, and more.

Inter-agent collaboration: transfer or conference client sessions with other CSRs.

Customer Rule-based routing: intelligent routing in order to control which CSRs support which clients.

Information Ticker: a real-time information broadcast and status tool for companies to keep CSRs up to date.

Self Service FAQ Management: let your customers find the answers that they need when your call center is not available.

Service Request E-mail Routing/Management: incoming emails can be routed to CSRs based on a set of predefined rules. A management interface allows your CSRs to reply all your customer service request emails in an organized manner.


KnowEx Interact Enterprise Server Requirements:
PIII 500Mhz (PIII 850Mhz or higher recommended)
128 MB of RAM
Approximately 50MB of application space
T1 Speed connection (1.5mb/sec or higher recommended)

KnowEx Interact Enterprise CSR desktop Requirements:
Windows 95, Windows, 98, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows ME

KnowEx Interact Enterprise Customer Requirements:
Java Script enabled Web browser (MS Internet Explorer 3.0+, Netscape 3.0+, AOL Version 4.0+)
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